16 August 2011

Caloundra Quilt Show

Well, all the feedback indicated that the Quilt Show was a success, so now I can relax and get back into some more doodling.  It was the first show that I'd worked on and I found it very exciting to do.  Luckily I'd asked for photos of quilts with the entry forms so it was much easier to look at a little bit of colour co-ordination once the size matching had been done.  It meant there would be no need to have to move things around on the hanging day because of clashing colours or designs.  Being a beginner myself, it was really good on set-up day to work alongside group members experienced with these matters.  A couple of small hickups were fixed really quickly, really well and without fuss.  My project helper Cathie G makes a great partner to work with -  couldn't have done it without her.
Already I've made a list of reminders for the next show in 2013, little things to tweak and little things to keep in mind for improvement.  Hope I get asked to do it again  -  just loved it.

       Viewer's Choice Winner
      Wendy Clancy's  Candle Wicking
       "Taupe Beauty"